About Me

I am a very amateur triathlete, working mom, and various other labels, depending on the season. I completed my first tri in 2008 and have done at least one race every year since (with the exception of two summers when I popped out babies instead).

It took me a few years to own up to the title of “triathlete” (An athlete? Who, me?). But I now wear that badge proudly, and it empowers other areas in my life. Being a triathlete has helped me through some hard times in my life. It has brought me friendships with other likeminded folks whose idea of fun is getting their age permanent-markered on their bodies and jumping into a churning sea of flailing limbs in the dawn hours of a precious day off work.

I believe that YOU can achieve any fitness goal you set for yourself. (And I am Type A and old school enough to also believe that reading the right book and setting the right plan is crucial to achieving it.) If you express any passing interest in my latest training, I WILL attempt to recruit you to sign up for my next race.

At this blog, you will read about my adventures in fitting it all in, and encouragement for you to do the same. You may read about my latest gear, how I’ve splurged, and what I’ve saved. You may read about running eleven miles with a jog stroller and twenty pounds of kid because that’s the only way my training would get done that day. You may read about work-life balance, life-fitness balance, and staying non-divorced with my awesome husband/road crew who bemusedly puts up with me and has been known to sidewalk chalk “Let’s go, Suzi!” all over the race course.

You might not read about PRs. You probably will not read about nutrition (I try to be good, but, let’s face it, sometimes pizza and beer is a perfectly well-balanced meal). You definitely won’t read about any extreme feats of athleticism.

So grab your swim cap and wetsuit, and let’s do this.