Lessons from My Vision Board

For the past several years, I’ve created a vision board every January. I cut and paste magazine images of things I want in my life and inspirational phrases along with a list of aspirations for the year. Throughout the year, the board is on the wall by my desk as a reminder.

Here’s what I’ve learned from the vision board experience of the past year.

Sometimes plans change. One of the aspirations on my 2018 board is to go to Belgium. This was a the birthday bike tour my husband and I had been dreaming of for years, but we couldn’t find child care. Instead, I participated in a bike race closer to home and my husband bought a new bike to train for when we can take the trip when the kids are a little older. If your circumstances change, you can modify the goal, put it off, or decide it’s no longer important to you.

Sometimes your goals take longer than you’d like. For the past few years, one goal has been to meet with my husband every month to review our budget. We have not yet become consistent with this. This goal will go back on the vision board for the new year, plus I will be setting an alarm on my phone to update my budget weekly and coordinating our calendars for the meeting. If a goal is important but you’re having trouble achieving it, change your approach and recommit.

Appreciate your progress. In the past few years, I changed jobs, adjusted to life as a mom of two, completed my first Olympic-distance triathlon since becoming a mom, and started a consistent habit of journaling every week. After these years of adjustments and creating new habits, I was pretty happy with what I achieved. If you’re doing well, appreciate the things that are going right, even while you look to other areas you’d like to improve.

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