Fitness and Life

Family Fitness

Suzi / May 20, 2018

Growing up, I wasn’t involved in my Mom’s healthy lifestyle. My memories of her exercising involve my puzzlement at why she would extract herself from bed at o’dark thirty to walk (and gossip) with her BFF. I now understand her desire to spend time in adult company, and the necessity of working out before the sun rose and her family…

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Tips for Beginners

No Excuses

Suzi / May 5, 2018

Overcome common obstacles to success in your first tri So you’re interested in doing a triathlon. Maybe you’ve seen a picture on social media of a friend standing by the finish line proudly brandishing her finisher’s medal. Maybe you’re looking for a new workout challenge. Whatever the reason, you think swim-bike-run might be for you. Except that you don’t. Except…

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