Tips for Beginners

DON’T Go Hard or Go Home

Suzi / March 24, 2018

Incrementalism Can Work for You You’ve heard the saying, “Go hard or go home.” We glorify those who put it all on the line. Our heroes quit their jobs or drop out of college to pursue their true callings. They are the ones who, exhausted and gasping for air, stretch across the finish line ahead of the one who didn’t…

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What is Your Racing Personality?

Suzi / March 10, 2018

My Best Running Buddy cheats on me all the time, but I’m totally faithful to her. I run with her on the same day, at the same time, every week. When we’re apart, I’m not out sowing my wild oats with another running buddy, but I know that she runs, with multiple other running buddies, on other days. This kind…

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