The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good

December Exercise Streak So Far

In my last post, I announced a December fitness challenge to log at least ten minutes of exercise a day for the whole month. On November 30, I went to bed and dreamed of good intentions. I even pre-wrote this post, with details about the swim I was certain I’d take. The next morning, I slept straight through two alarms. And then, life happened, as it does. Things have been unexpectedly hectic. 

But guess what. So far, so good. I’m still at it. On the day of the alarm mishap, I walked the 2.5 miles from the bus stop to work, enjoying the change of scenery and no less than four pop-up sidewalk Christmas tree vendors. Saturday, I hit the gym for a sculpting class. I would like to do more weight training, and this class is a good way to have a fast-paced workout with some structure.

The past two days, it has been more challenging to fit in even those ten minutes. Sunday night, exhausted but doggedly determined, I trudged to the treadmill, muttering (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that the blogosphere is depending on me. Yesterday, I discovered that my serviceable ballet flats are somewhat sub-optimal when it comes to a lunchtime power walk. Both days, I set out to just complete my allotted minutes. And both days, I doubled what I’d planned to do. Would I like to have done more than just walking? Yes. But is doing something better than doing nothing? Of course. 

Finally this morning, I skipped yet another alarm and missed out on yoga at the gym, but still managed to fit in an hour of yoga in the comfort of my basement. 

My streak so far has been different than I intended. I guess I expected to wake up in the pre-dawn hours of December 1 ready to hit the ground running (literally) and suddenly transform from tired mama to exercise machine. The reality is that I’m still tired mama, but I have found a way to get it done. And isn’t that the point? If we want to achieve something, it’s usually through the small steps, taken whether we feel like it or not.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late. If you have just a few minutes, here are some of my favorite resources for fitting in a quick workout. 

Sworkit: This app allows you to customize the type of workout and duration, then provides a series of exercises to do. My favorite part about this app is that no equipment is required, so you can do this anywhere and in a small space.

Nike+: With Nike+, you choose your focus, duration, and intensity, and the app gives you a few workouts to choose within your parameters. Some of the workouts require equipment like Dumbbells or a medicine balls. After a while, the workouts might get a little repetitive. That said, I’ve been using Nike+ to add some variety to my regular workout schedule for years. This site also allows you to filter a variety of free videos by categories including duration, focus, difficulty, etc. The variety is great, though, because there are so many options, I’ve found that it takes some trial and error to find videos that are right for me. There are paid plans if you want more structure, though I’ve not tried any of the plans. 

Yoga with Adriene: Adriene is my go-to YouTube yogi. She has a video for everything I’ve ever wanted a yoga video to address, and then some. (Seriously, her videos include Yoga for When You Overeat, Yoga for Musicians, and Yoga for Zombies.) There are a variety of lengths, and I’ve found the videos to be accessible for beginners. 

Your TV: Don’t underestimate the options available through your tv on demand videos, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. With a little searching, you should be able to find some options for a quick workout, for free (or in a subscription you already have), right in your home. 

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